It may be because you or a relative or friend has benefitted from the care and treatment offered by Royal Papworth Hospital. You may be passionate about research into cardiothoracic medicine. Or it could be one way of reducing your Inheritance Tax liability. Royal Papworth Hospital has for over a century pioneered new treatments in cardiothoracic medicine. From successful treatment of tuberculosis to the UK’s first successful heart transplant in 1979; the world’s first Heart-Lung-Liver transplant to pioneering DCD non-beating heart transplants, Royal Papworth Hospital has become the UK’s leading centre for specialist cardiothoracic care.

We can continue to provide "Tomorrows medicine today".

We have always depended on charitable donations to provide what is not covered by the NHS. Nearly half of our income comes from Gifts in Wills and with an annual spend of around £2m, we need to protect our future so we can continue to provide Tomorrows medicine today. Whatever the reason for considering Royal Papworth Hospital Charity in your Will, we are truly grateful.

Whether it is replacing wheelchairs or funding our DCD non-beating heart transplants leaving Royal Papworth Charity a gift in your Will ensures we can provide life-saving treatment for years to come.