Why fundraising?

The hardest thing I have ever had to do is what led me to the fundraising world and to my role at Royal Papworth Hospital Charity.                                                                                                       

 In January 2013, I was told that my 6 month old son had a rare genetic primary immune deficiency and that the average life expectancy of a child with his condition was 9 years old.

After many transfusions and countless hospital trips, my son was sent to Great Ormond Street Hospital in need of a stem cell transplant. By the October, when my son was one and strong enough to receive chemotherapy, multiple immunosuppressant’s, viral, fungal and every other type of drug you can think of; we spent two months living in Great Ormond Street Hospital. We were incredibly lucky that a match was found reasonably quickly and that the donor was willing to go ahead.

Despite the intensity of the transplant my strong little superhero kept his appetite, avoided the feeding tubes and maintained a healthy weight which aided in his recovery. During this nightmare my family received outstanding care and support from the staff and volunteers. I am and forever will be grateful for everyone at our local hospital and at Great Ormond Street Hospital for the care they gave my son.

I knew I wanted to do something to give back to the people and the place which had helped my family in such an incredible way. Doing some fundraising seemed like a no brainer and luckily I love baking! Two years after the transplant I decided to start my fundraising journey, beginning with helping to raise some money to be used on research, equipment or staff courses. I quickly realised that I was really quite passionate about giving back to the NHS and it led me to work for Royal Papworth Hospital Charity.

Having gone through my own personal experience allows me to relate to people who may find themselves in a similar situation at Royal Papworth Hospital. Whether it is a patient directly or their loved one, I feel that I am able to really connect with them and I like to help in any way that I can. I particularly enjoy working out in the community in my role within the Fundraising Team and love hearing so much good feedback about the care patients receive at the hospital.

I’ve learnt no matter how much you can give, every penny counts. If you’re unable to donate and want to do something, give time. The connection and positive experience you have with the hospital is all you need to show people that donating to Royal Papworth Hospital Charity will help more people have positive experiences.

Megan- Fundraising Administrator