A Will (sometimes called a Last Will and Testament) is a legal document which sets out what is to be done with your personal possessions and assets (your estate) when you die. It is essentially your final instruction as to who will receive what, sets out your funeral wishes and who will act on your behalf as executor(s). Not having a Will could result in a number of consequences:

The consequences of not having a will could be:

  • You cannot make gifts
  • You do not control where your assets go
  • If you are married your spouse may not receive what you would like them to
  • If you are unmarried with children your partner may not receive anything
  • There may be higher Inheritance Tax payable.
It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it

We do not know when we will need a Will but leaving it too late is too late.  That is why Royal Papworth Charity has partnered with McClure Solicitors to provide our supporters with a FREE Will Writing Service. 

To book your appointment please contact the bookings team at McClures by phone (0800 852 1999) or email ([email protected]).