Our amazing Royal Papworth Cystic Fibrosis Community have not let coronavirus hold them back in their fantastic fundraising endeavours to support our staff and the hospital. 

Pippa Kent

Before coronavirus hit the UK, Pippa had planned a 100km cycle ride between Royal Papworth Hospital and Royal Brompton Hospital in recognition of her 3rd lungaversary.

In April 2017, Pippa’s life was saved thanks to a double lung transplant and her incredibly brave and selfless donor. Three years on from her transplant, with the COVID-19 pandemic looming, Pippa was still determined to undertake her bike ride to honour her donor and raise money for the two Hospitals that have kept her alive, both before and after the transplant.

Undeterred by COVID-19, Pippa adapted her challenge and cycled the full 100km ride in her Battersea garden. Using some brilliant technology from RFT Cycling and a turbo trainer, Pippa recreated the actual route she had planned virtually. The ride was completed in an impressive 5 hours and 3 minutes. With online and offline donations Pippa raised a grand total of £8740.22 which was split equally between the two hospitals.


Laura Gayton and Charlotte Joslin

Charlotte and Laura teamed up to raise money to support the CF team during the coronavirus pandemic. Knowing that frequent hand washing and wearing gloves was making the staffs’ hands sore, they wanted to do something to help ease this. Their initial target was to raise £200 but instead they managed to raise a fantastic £350, which meant they were able to buy 46 hand creams and a few extra treats too!

"As you know our CF team are very special to us all and are in our lives from the age of 17/18. While we can't come and see them  and understanding the challenges they faced we wanted to do something so they would know that we were still thinking of them and that we are proud of their work on the front line."- Charlotte

"We wanted to do something to help. Even though it was something little we just wanted to do something as they always look after us so well and they are are going through a hard time right now. We can't do a lot at the minute so it was nice to feel we could help in that way."- Laura

Cake Baking Crew

We love cake!

The Royal Papworth CF team has truly been looked after and supported by their patients, despite the fact that they cannot see each other at the moment, the cake baking crew came together to provide a number of delicious goodies.

Cleo Goodchild, Hannah Healey,David Thorne, Jenni Barker, Abi Halstead, Alan Tiftin, Kelly-Anne Randall, Laura Gayton, Charlotte Joslin, Michael Cushion, Gemma Raules, Jack Davis, Sammie Read, Hallie Roberts, all got involved and provided these tasty treats for our staff.