The Great South Run: 10 miles

Weight lost: 10lbs

Raised: £1270

In October 2019, George took on a challenge to support and raise vital funds for Royal Papworth Charity by participating in the Great South Run, after his Mother-in-Law received a DCD heart transplant at Royal Papworth. He shares what motivated him to fundraise;

"Before my Mother-in-Law was a patient, I had never heard of Royal Papworth Hospital. What they did for her and us all was incredible and impossible to put into words."

I felt that doing something to try and give back in a small way was the right thing to do by showing in a small way our appreciation for her being given a second chance. I knew that my Mother-in-Law wanted to herself, but while she recovers I will do it in her place.

“I wanted to set myself a challenge that wasn’t achievable without some serious commitment from me. Running is something that I had done previously but not for a long time. I knew it would be achievable but would be a significant challenge. If I was going to ask people to donate their hard earned money then I wanted them to know that I was working for it.”

“I trained and ran on my own. I lacked confidence in my abilities and wanted to progress at my own pace. I also liked training on my own, listening to podcasts and zoning out. I tried really hard and succeeded in making my training something that I enjoyed and benefited me as well as raising money.”

“My little girl is always my inspiration and was a great source of support along with my partner and Mother-in-Law. She is the best thing in our lives and I know how much she means to my Mother-in-Law. For her to be given a second chance to watch my daughter grow up is worth more than I could ever repay!”

As a new fundraiser, George gives some advice to other who are interested in fundraising of Royal Papworth Charity, but don’t know where to start;

“Set yourself a real challenge and make a plan to work towards it. Especially with fitness goals it really is as simple as taking one step at a time and building up slowly. If you set yourself a realistic but challenging goal, commit to it and go slowly and sensibly, then there is no such thing as unachievable! Setting up a fundraising page such as ‘justgiving’ and signing up to an event and telling everyone that listen about what you are doing forces you to commit when things get tough. Knowing that quitting would be letting everyone down keeps you going and once you push through, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.”

“I made the most of the large networks at work. I was not pushy and understood that donating money to fundraisers is not easy for some people. I hoped that my hard work and sharing would inspire people to want to donate to my cause. Social media was also a very useful tool is spreading my fundraiser with friends and family.”