In February 2019, Royal Papworth Hospital began a new home monitoring trial for our patients with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).  Project Breathe is funded by the UK CF Trust, the US CF Foundation, Microsoft, Magic Bullet and InnovateUK.

This first of its kind this trial enables our patients with CF to track their health at home. The trial has a wide range of benefits for a patient with CF. It gives them control over their condition, allowing them to monitor their health more regularly than relying on hospital visits, minimising disruption in their lives. They can safely avoid routine appointments at their CF centre if their health is stable, reducing the risk of cross infection that comes with visiting hospital. While face-to-face clinics are on hold, having the ability to monitor their health at home has been especially important for patients with CF.  

Project Breathe has the potential to change the way patients with CF manage their care, using equipment and monitoring software to take control of the condition outside of hospital.

How does Project Breathe Work?

Project breathe requires its participants to input daily measures, using supplied equipment, including a lung function monitor; a saturation probe which measures the amount of oxygen in blood; a thermometer; scales; and a Fitbit which records data such as steps taken and resting heart rate, sleep and some self-reporting measures such as ‘How much have you coughed today?’ and ‘How are you feeling today?’. These different measures give a full picture of the patient’s health over time, which is uploaded onto a dashboard, for both the patient and hospital to monitor.

We heard from Kate Eveling about how Project Breathe has changed her life: