Tracey is coming up to the second anniversary of her Heart Transplant. To thank the Hospital for the care that she received, she is dying her hair a rainbow of colours to raise funds for our DCD Appeal.

Tracey's daughter sadly passed away in 2001 due to Dilated Cardiomyopathy and shortly after this, Tracey's daughter's twin and Tracey were also diagnosed with the condition.

Tracey explained:

"As you can appreciate, I was a little paranoid and negative about the future. I was extremely lucky and in 2017 a suitable organ was found and I underwent my heart transplant. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of my donor and my donors family, they have given me the gift of life. It has been a rocky road at times over the past two years but I see myself as being very lucky indeed to still be alive to see my family grow."

One of Tracey's good friends received a heart transplant at Royal Papworth through the DCD programme and this is another reason which motivated Tracey to fundraise for the Charity. Each and every DCD Heart Transplant is partly funded by the Charity which is why we need your help to allow us to save many more lives. This innovative technique has enabled surgeons to use donor hearts that were previously too damaged to transplant, in the first year heart transplants at the hospital increased by almost 40%. Royal Papworth has carried out 57 DCD Heart Transplants to date which is more than any other centre in the world combined. 

Tracey: "For me to do something like this is quite an out there thing to do so I hope you will support me in this endeavour. Further challenges will follow later in the this space!!"

Please Visit Tracey's JustGiving Page and donate to our DCD Appeal to help save and transform the lives of 50 more patients.