In Memory

For Adam

Deceased: 09 Sep 2016

On 9 September 2016, 39 years minus one day from when he lost both his own parents after they were killed by a drunk driver, my nephew Adam lost his fight against heart disease. Just like his own parents (my brother and his wife) he left behind a young son.

Fortunately for his one year old son Ronnie, Adam was survived by his wonderful and brave wife Emma who is one of the most amazing and inspirational women anyone could ever meet. Adam died waiting for a new heart just 2 weeks before his 40th birthday. The non beating heart programme was just getting going and Adam was asked to help promote it as one morning last summer, he was woken up to be told that a heart had been found for him. Sadly that heart turned out to be unsuitable for transplant meaning Adam had to go back on the transplant list. We were so very close to getting him a new heart but it wasn't to be and Adam lost his brave fight despite the very best efforts of the wonderful team at Papworth.

The non beating heart programme will make more hearts available. It's too late for Adam, but it's not too late to help save others lives. Please donate, I've lost 5 stone to be able to give myself a chance of finishing this half marathon, you can help not only by donating but by adding your name to the NHS Organ Donation list.

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