"Papworth Hospital Charity need our donations to help save people like my sister, and support their families in very hard times. We hope we have done her proud." Steph Price

Create a personal tribute to your loved one 

Creating a fund in memory of a loved one is a good way of making donations in their name and sharing special memories. Please click here to set up a fund in memory of your loved one.

Funeral Collections

Donating a collection to Papworth Hospital in lieu of floral tributes is a wonderful way of supporting Papworth Hospital at a difficult time. Funds can be allocated in accordance with the wishes of your loved one to ensure their legacy supports the area of the hospital most special to them. Your funeral director will be able to facilitate this.

In Memory Giving

Make a donation to Papworth Hospital to honour the memory of a loved one. 

In Memory Fundraising

Steph's Sister Melissa received treatment at Papworth Hospital's Critical Care Unit after developing Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Sadly, Mel passed away, but Steph holds the team who cared for her sister in high regard and hopes that through fundraising for Papworth, they can help other patients and families.

You too can make a difference for our patients whilst ensuring the legacy of your loved one continues. To find out more about fundraising for Papworth Hospital, please visit our fundraising page.