Papworth Hospital Charity - Board of Trustees

The overall responsibility of the charity lies with the Executive and Non-Executive Directors of Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - all board members are inducted as Corporate Trustees of the charity when they start their role at the Trust.

The Corporate Trustee's fulfils its legal duty by ensuring that funds are spent in accordance with the objectives of the charity. Funds are either restricted or unrestricted; unrestricted funds can be spent at the discretion of the Corporate Trustees in furtherance of the Charity's objectives.

How do you monitor the provision of your services or assess the impact of your charitable activities?

As a NHS Foundation Trust, Papworth Hospital is headed by a Board of Directors comprised of Executive and Non-executive members, and a board of Governors who hold the charity accountable. The charity has a dedicated Charitable Funds Committee which holds responsibility for the ongoing management and report directly to the Board of Directors. A number of stringent procedures have been put in place including the minimum requirement of two authorised signatures for every transaction from charitable funds, to ensure every penny raised for the Hospital is put to its best possible use.

The charity is audited on an annual basis by external auditors and conducts regular internal audits to ensure the charity remains in-line with regulations. Further to this, the charity proactively keeps its community of supporters informed of its activities with its quarterly newsletter which demonstrates the achievements of the charity and its fundraisers.

Annual Reports

The Annual Reports showcase the success and achievements made by the hospital over the years, with thanks to the Papworth Hospital Charity Community.