Structure, Governance and Management

Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Charity (Papworth Hospital Charity) is registered with the Charity Commission (under Registered Charity number 1049224) in accordance with the Charities Act 2011. The Charity is also registered with the Fundraising Regulator who set and maintain the standards for charitable fundraising, aim to ensure that fundraising is respectful, open, honest and accountable to the public and regulate fundraising in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Charity exists to raise funds and receive donations for Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in order to sustain the Hospital as the UK’s leading centre of excellence for the treatment and diagnosis of cardiothoracic diseases. The Charity’s fundraising activities also support Royal Papworth Hospital’s pioneering research activity and vision for the future.

Providing specialist cardiothoracic care, Royal Papworth Hospital is a centre of excellence for healthcare and is our key partner in fulfilling our charitable aims.

The Charity is governed by a Declaration of Trust dated 10 July 1995 (amended by a supplemental deed dated 14 May 2008).

The Charity objectives set out in the governing document are:

“for any purpose or purposes relating to the National Health Service.”

How we manage donations

Money which is donated to Royal Papworth Hospital Charity is managed via restricted and unrestricted funds. Some of this money is donated for a specific purpose, such as to buy medical equipment, whilst other donations are more generic and donated for the Trustee to use where it thinks there is the greatest need in the Hospital. The money the Charity receives is banked into the area of choice as stipulated by donors and in accordance with their instructions. The Board of Directors, on behalf of the Corporate Trustee, believes that all of the unrestricted and restricted funds are able to meet their current and future commitments.

Our Future Plans

It is important now more than ever, that the Charity looks to the future and ensures that it has a clear and defined future plan. Therefore the Charity has launched a new five-year strategy. The strategy ensures that the Charity achieves its vision and has a sustainable future by having a clear strategic framework that is backed up with a sustainable reserves policy, an effective fundraising plan and a successful governance programme.

Papworth Hospital Charity Strategy 2017 – 2022  

Our Investments

Monitoring of Investments

Investment performance is monitored by the Charitable Funds Committee, which receives reports from the investment advisers. The Charitable Funds Committee reviews the investment policy on an annual basis and undertakes periodic reviews of arrangements for investment advice to ensure that value for money is being achieved.

Investment Policy

The investment policy is used to produce a balanced combination of growth, some immediate income and the potential for capital and income growth over the longer term.

The investment policy is that suitable for an investor with an investment horizon of a minimum of three years, a moderate income requirement and an attitude to risk which can withstand some fluctuation in capital value and/or income.

The Trustee has decided against investing in the tobacco industry, armaments or companies whose principal activities include the manufacture of alcoholic beverages.

These ethical constraints have been recognised and implemented by the investment managers.

Management of Funds

Funds which may need to be accessed in the short term are retained in short-term bank deposit accounts. In order to maximise the benefit from charitable donations, funds are invested until they are required for particular projects or specific equipment.

In respect of other funds, since a portion of these may be retained for quite a long period of time, the Charitable Funds Committee, with advice from its investment advisers (Quilter Cheviot), invests the balance in line with its investment policy.

Annual Reports

The Annual Reports showcase the success and achievements made by the Hospital over the years, with thanks to  Royal Papworth Hospital Charity supporters.

2018-19 Annual Report.pdf


2016-17 Annual Report.pdf