Chris Goad I’ve never had the opportunity to thank Royal Papworth Hospital for everything they have done for both my mum and did for my dad. I’m running the London Marathon on April 26th and I have a chance to be able to do that.

My mum had a rare disease that meant the muscle of the hearts left ventricle became thicker and was obstructing the blood flow through her heart and to the rest of her body. It forced her heart to work much harder to pump blood and also affected the mitral valve. It left her in a perilous position and meant she needed an uncommon operation known as a septal myectomy in order to save her, performed by Prof. Wallwork.  The care she received while at Royal Papworth Hospital was second to known and is the reason I still have a mum.

The care and support they gave my dad, gave us another three and half years with him and gave my brother and I the chance to get to know him and that’s something I will always be thankful for.

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Chris Chris Goad