Ben Wilson I am Sky Diving 23rd March to raise money for Royal Papworth Charity.

I joined Papworth Hospital in July 2017 as a member of the bank staff. I have worked in several departments, most recently with the Charity, and during that time have had the pleasure to meet and work along side a lot of very caring and dedicated people.

There is something truly special about Papworth that is hard to put into words. At it's core it is furnished with a warmth, a sense of community, a genuine desire to make a difference to people in need, and a love for acronyms, the like of which I have never known!

Since being with the Charity, I have been struck by how grateful the patients and their families are for the care they receive while at Papworth. It is also humbling to see the level of generosity and the efforts made by fundraisers, to give back to the hospital and help other people and families in their time of need.

So I thought it was about time I did my bit to contribute to the ongoing success of this wonderful institution.

Please help me by donating generously, whether you want to give in aid of Papworth, or you just want to see me thrown out of a plane, it's a great cause and worth digging deep for.

Thank you x Ben Wilson