“After working in Critical Care for 12 years, I have seen many families struggle financially when their loved ones are critically unwell. Because of this I really wanted to help alleviate the stress of paying for travel and accommodation expenses”

In March this year, Kerry ran in the Cambridge half marathon for Royal Papworth Charity raising almost £1,300 for the Hardship fund which financially supports patients and families with accommodation, travel and care expenses whilst their loved ones are at Royal Papworth Hospital. She shares why she decided to fundraise for Royal Papworth Charity and why you should join in too;

“My patients were my inspiration. During my training, when it was hard, I kept thinking of our long-term patients who were unable to walk or run or go outside. The stories from families and relatives motivated me as I really wanted to raise money to help and support them, knowing that is was only going to be more difficult to accommodate relatives in the new hospital.”

“I used justgiving.com via Facebook and kept people updated on my training, writing about why I was fundraising or Royal Papworth Charity. I got a lot of feedback from this and many people were very supportive and generous in donating money to my fundraiser.”

“Next year, I am celebrating a (big) birthday and I am planning to complete a challenge and raise money do so.”

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