Faith's Story

10 year old Faith has gone above and beyond to fundraise and raise awareness of Royal Papworth Hospital Charity. Faith has a connection with Royal Papworth due to her Grandad receiving a heart transplant at the Hospital nearly 25 years ago. Faith has taken part in bake sales and has given talks all to raise money and awareness of the Charity.

 Faith’s Mum Sarah tells us, “Faith has been brought up knowing her Grandad was a bit ‘special’, not just because he is a lovable and doting Grandad to his four grandchildren, but because of the large box of tablets he meticulously rifles through every day.”

“On 15th June this year David Embury (Grandad) celebrated the 25th Anniversary of receiving a new heart at Royal Papworth Hospital; a milestone never thought possible or even likely after suffering cardiomyopathy due to a virus in his mid-30’s. A small party was arranged and the family set about arranging a few surprises. Oldest of four grandchildren, with her well-honed technical skills, Faith decided to put a leaflet together to inform guests about the importance of joining the donor registration scheme.”

Faith has also researched the DCD program which is funded by the Charity. She had been told that Grandad’s transplant had been carried out by a surgeon called Mr. Stephen Large back in 1993 but she then discovered that he and another   surgeon Mr Stephen Tsui had recently received an award for the amazing and pioneering work to advance The DCD program. As she read that the advancement is not funded by NHS, she set about some fundraising of her own as a second issue to promoting the donor registration scheme.

Faith’s Mum Sarah told us, “Microphone in hand, Faith introduced her little leaflet and raised over £500 from family and friends at Grandad’s party. She also encouraged a number of people to sign up to the register, not least of which the next morning back at school was her Head Teacher. She has recently raised a further £150 by making and selling cakes at her local Brownies and school, and is not afraid of standing up in front teachers, other children and their parents to highlight the wonderful gift of organ donation.”


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