"We are the Douglas family and my husband is an ongoing patient at Papworth."

"Over the years we have raised money by giving my gift cards that i have designed (I am an artist) for Royal Papworth Charity shop at the old site to sell at Christmas. But most recently, we donated a signed and framed rugby boot to be auctioned by Royal Papworth at a future date, we buy their badges, cards. This year for my birthday I also did a Facebook fundraiser rather than gifts and raised £316."

In February 2012 Sophie's husband was brought to Royal Papworth on ECMO having had a cardiac arrest, after two others hospitals were unable to do any more to save him. After six weeks in Critical Care and two weeks on the ward, he was released home to recover.

In October that year, Sophie's husband was put on the transplant list. And finally in November 2014, he received a successful heart transplant and came home in January 2015.

"Having been so sick, for so many years, it took time to recover. Whilst he still continues to improve, we can report five years later that we have a wonderful life with a cat, two dogs and two children, one a three year old son and a daughter born at the end of October. We are so thankful to all who supported my husband while was in hospital. Our son's middle name is Marius, after Marius Berman who performed the first ECMO retrieval on my husband and got him from no hope to the path of living again!"

"Without Royal Papworth, he would have died in February 2012. No words can describe the gratitude or us, our family and our friends!"

We will continue to do what we can to raise funds and awareness for Royal Papworth, every little helps, so anything that you can do will saves lives and help support the wonderful care they already give to all their patients!