The Forbester's Story

In 2007, Iain Forbester was diagnosed with heart failure when he was in his early-fifties. Iain was referred to Royal Papworth Hospital where his enlarged heart was treated using drug therapy and ablation. Iain has made an amazing recovery and this year, him alongside his family all completed the Cambridge Town and Gown 10k to raise money for Royal Papworth Hospital Charity.

Prior to Iain’s diagnosis he had been healthy, playing rugby and squash, going out for runs in the Suffolk     countryside and spending hours tending to his beloved house and garden. He also worked a demanding job,   requiring lots of international travel and long hours in the office. He was a busy man!

Jessica, Iain’s daughter explains, “Dad found his heart failure extremely hard to deal with, he just wasn’t used to resting, and he wasn’t ready to slow down yet. It was hard for him to climb a short flight of steps.”

 At first the surgeons at Royal Papworth were unsuccessful in treating Dad using ablation, but, "Dad's surgeon never gave up. After the fourth attempt, they succeeded, and since then he has been on the path to recovery getting fitter and stronger each year. Despite his illness, and thanks to the expert care he received at     Papworth, Dad has managed to see his three children through four universities, and help the company he works for grow internationally. In fact, we sometimes forgot how ill he was, because he rarely complained and he achieved so much each day.”

Thankfully Iain has made an incredible recovery; he is now able to start to build up a more active life. Iain’s wife Karen and three children Jessica, Hannah and Ben all completed the Cambridge Town and Gown 10K race in October and raised an amazing total of over £2,700 for the Charity.

The family say,

“As a family, we are extremely grateful for the care Dad received at Papworth because we don’t know how we could have coped without him.”


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