Suzanne's Story

Meet Suzanne, one of our amazing fundraisers. Suzanne is running an incredible 10k race, not once but 10 times, in 10 months to mark 10 years since her Mum sadly died. Suzanne has currently completed her fourth 10k of the challenge and completed her third one dressed as a bee.

Suzanne’s Mum, Cathy had a double lung transplant at Royal Papworth Hospital in January 2007. Suzanne wanted to fundraise for Papworth to give something back for the care her mum received.

Suzanne told us her reasons for wanting to complete the ten 10k races, “Although I’m not a fan of exercise, I wanted to complete the challenge in order to raise funds to help support the wonderful work and staff of Papworth’s Transplant Unit. People have been incredibly generous, helping me to raise over £2,000 to date, and I’m hoping to raise more before the end of my challenge in June 2019.”

Suzanne said, “During many months as an inpatient at Papworth, the standard of care Mum received was second to none. Although she very sadly died in late 2008, my dad and I are extremely grateful to all of the Papworth staff who did such a tremendous job looking after her. Their care and attention gave us precious extra time together as a family, which we otherwise wouldn’t have had.”

Cathy had almost a year of good health after her transplant. She managed to celebrate her 60th birthday in style, travel abroad and spend time with family and friends, all of which she was too ill to do before her transplant.

Take a look at Suzanne's fundraising page today and track her journey as she completes her remaining races.

The Charity are so grateful for the amazing hard work and dedication that Suzanne has showed so far to raise such an incredible amount of money.