Teresa's Story

In April 2016, Teresa was diagnosed with Submassive Acute Bilateral Pulmonary Embolism. Due to ongoing problems and Pulmonary Hypertension, Teresa was referred to Royal Papworth Hospital for further investigations and it was decided that she would benefit from Pulmonary Endarterectomy surgery. This September, Teresa completed a 10k race as a one year post op celebration and to raise money for Royal Papworth Hospital.

Papworth is the only centre in the UK that carries out the specialist operation that Teresa needed. Teresa explains, “It was going to be a major operation with risks involved and it was a big decision to go through with it. I was booked in and on the 18th of July I went down to theatre.”

“Things were a bit scary post-op (not so much for me as I was ‘asleep!), but thanks to the excellent care and treatment I received from all of the staff at Papworth, I went on to make a full recovery.”

Teresa suffered from hallucinations whilst an inpatient and told us how she spent the last couple of days apologising to the staff who she said still remained “patient and caring.”

Teresa went home 10 days after her operation and decided that she wanted to do something for everyone at Papworth to give something back. Teresa then signed up and completed her first ever 10k for the Charity in September.

Teresa tells us, “my Fiancée and his daughter's boyfriend took part in several running events, including a 24-hour 10k relay, and managed to raise over £1000 between them. Then this year I decided as  1-year post op celebration, I would also give something back and I therefore signed up for the Asda 10k in September to raise money for this fantastic cause.  I have never been a   runner.  Last year I could barely walk up the stairs!  I am much better now but a 10k was still a huge challenge for me, even walking it, but I did it in 1:34:13, something I couldn't even have contemplated pre-surgery.”

“I am so grateful for everyone involved in my care for giving me my life back. “


 Visit Teresa's JustGiving page.