For Sam

We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the amazing fundraising that Sam Prangnell’s family and friends have taken part in this year to fundraise for the Charity. Sam was unfortunately taken very ill following a corrective procedure on a heart condition at another hospital and sadly passed away earlier this year at Royal Papworth.

Robert, Sam’s cousin told us “Although Sam wasn’t strong enough to win his own personal battle we could not have asked for more care, attention and help from everyone associated with Sam during his attempt at recovery for a much needed heart transplant.” 

Robert and team decided to take part in the London to Cardiff race to raise money for the Critical Care Unit at the Hospital as they were so grateful for the care that Sam had received.

When asked about what the money they raised could be used for, Robert said “Whilst on visits I was also able to chat to nurses and support teams about what sort of things would make their jobs easier. Instead of the usual money and hour’s response I would have expected, they unselfishly replied with items of equipment like longer chairs or beds for the likes of my much taller cousin to prevent dangling feet”

This motivated Robert to ask his team to use the race to fundraise for the Critical Care Unit at the Hospital and they collectively raised an outstanding total of over £5,000 which will make a huge difference to so many patients’ lives.

Sam’s Dad drove one of the team minibuses during the race and Robert explained how this gave the team “an extra incentive to do our very best in my cousin’s memory, We gave every ounce of effort we had. We completed it in first place, smashing our own previous record in the process and the second fastest time in the events history. It was an emotional gathering at the finish line, being joined by Sam’s sister and boyfriend with no dry eye in sight.”

Merry Christmas to all the hard workers at Royal Papworth Hospital doing everything possible to keep the loved ones of others healthy and happy. I will raise a glass to all of you, and of course for Sam.”

Without incredible selfless fundraisers like Robert, the running team and Sam’s family, the Charity would not be able to continue to provide the support that it does to support the Hospital. This Christmas time, we as a Charity would like to recognise these amazing acts of kindness and determination.

 Visit Robert's JustGiving page today.