Verity's Story

In 2012, Verity received the devastating news that her Mum, Ann had been diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. Thankfully, after undergoing a procedure at Royal Papworth Hospital, Verity’s Mum has made a full recovery. Verity decided to give something back to the Hospital for the care they gave her Mum and today we want to recognise the amazing efforts that Verity has made to fundraise for the Charity.

Verity explains what happened when her Mum was first diagnosed, “we were warned that pulmonary hypertension is not always curable and that life expectancy is 5-7 years. My mum was told about an operation that could be performed but it would only be done by Papworth. Thankfully Papworth felt my mum was strong enough to undergo the procedure.”

“Papworth did an incredible job and almost immediately we saw the change in mum- she was fitter, happier and healthier. In 2017 my mum was discharged from Papworth, happy and healthy. I decided I needed to show how grateful I was to Papworth for saving my mum and wanted to raise money for the Charity.”

 “I am so grateful to Papworth for giving me my mum for many more years and giving her, her life back.”

Over the last 2 years Verity has had both hips replaced (December 2016 and Jan 2018) due to osteoarthritis and explained how watching her mum bounce back from her surgery so positively gave her the strength to not give up on her fitness goals at such a young age.

“In May I started running again and felt this was the perfect opportunity to not only prove nothing gets this family down but to get people to open their wallets and donate to Papworth. I decided to train and run the Leicester 10k in September 2018 followed by the Great South Run in October 2018. Me and my fake hips completed the 10k in 1 hour and 5 minutes and the GSR (10 miles) in 1hr 55 minutes and raised £734 for Papworth.”

Royal Papworth Hospital Charity are so grateful for Verity’s support and are so pleased to hear that Verity and her Mum were both happy with the care Ann received at the Hospital.

 Visit Verity's JustGiving Page today