Carrie's Story

Last Christmas, Carrie spent time at Royal Papworth Hospital with her Dad Graham. Graham became poorly a few weeks before Christmas with acute gallstone pancreatitis. He was treated in Peterborough Intensive Care before needing ECMO therapy which is a form of lung bypass, which would allow his lungs to heal at Royal Papworth.

Carrie told us that her and her family greatly appreciated the outstanding medical and nursing care that the staff at the Hospital gave her Dad.

Carrie explained, “Dad was transferred to Papworth in the early hours of the 19th December. Myself and my family were looked after extremely well by all members of staff. They understood how precious Dad was to us and could see how much he was loved.” 

“we could not have wished for

better medical and nursing care

for Dad”

Unfortunately Graham deteriorated in the early hours of the 23rd December and it was decided by the Consultants and his family that all treatment should be withdrawn so he could pass away peacefully. 

“Papworth were the obvious Charity of choice when it came to Dad's funeral, my family and I always say should ever we win the lottery-there shall be a large sum coming to Papworth! I wear my charity red heart pin badge not only to remember my Dad on my nurses uniform every day, but to acknowledge the hard work and determination Papworth gave to my Dad. They literally gave my Dad one last chance at life, but sadly it was not meant to be.”


“We will be indebted to them, now and always”     


Royal Papworth Hospital Charity would like to thank all of the doctors and nurses who cared for Graham last Christmas and provided him and his family with the best possible care. We would like to thank everyone who will be working at the Hospital over this festive season and wish them all a very Merry Christmas!

If you too would like to wear one of our red heart pin badges and support the Charity, you can find them here.