It is best to consider the following points before you meet with your solicitor.  It will make the appointment easier.

  1. List assets and liabilities

    Have a think about everything you own such as property, vehicles, items of value such as works of art, shares and cash and list them with an estimate of their worth. Also list everything you owe. Include mortgages, hire purchase agreements, loans and bills.
  2. Decide who you would like to benefit.

    Types of gift can include specific items, set amounts of money or a percentage share of your estate.
  3. Executors.

    Think about who you would like to administer your estate. They could be relatives, friends or a solicitor who you trust to carry out your wishes. Talk to them beforehand as there are legal duties placed on them. It is best to have a couple of people in case your first choice is unable to act at the time.
  4. Legal advice.

    A solicitor is recommended as they will ensure your Will is correctly worded and legally effective. The Law relating to Will and estate planning can be complicated and they may be able to raise key issues you need to consider. You can also use our free Will writing service in association with McClure Solicitors.
  5. Reviewing your Will.

    You should review your Will regularly, especially after any major change in your life. Changes can be made by way of a codicil or by making a new Will that clearly revokes the previous one..
  6. Keep it Safe.

    Make sure your executors know where to find your Will. Some solicitors offer free, secure storage for their client’s Wills. Copies will not be easily accepted if the original is lost.