Kathryn was diagnosed with a devastating and rare condition called Pulmonary Hypertension; raised blood pressure within the artery that takes blood from the heart to the lungs. After many years of medication, Kathryn's condition was getting worse and she was put on the last available medication. Royal Papworth Hospital Consultants gave her just two years to live; her only hope was with a complex double-lung and heart transplant.

Kathryn's health continued to deteriorate and she was becoming increasingly concerned that she would not receive her call in time. Kathryn found the strength and courage to carry on and in 2013, received a call from Royal Papworth Hospital telling her that a potential match had been found. Kathryn explains:

My family and I had two years to prepare, but nothing can actually prepare you for the reality of it all.

After a long journey, Kathryn's transplant was a success. Following from Kathryn's harrowing, emotional and inspirational journey as she battled for her life against the odds, she wrote a book 'Life is for the Living', sharing the journey that she had been on and promoting organ donation. 

Kathryn knows too well that the number of available organs for transplantation is less than the number of lives depending on receiving one. All profits from the sale of Kathryn's book are being donated to the development of the DCD transplant prorgramme at Royal Papworth Hospital. The programme is able to utilise donor hearts which were previously considered too damaged to transplant and therefore gives more patients on the waiting list hope.

If you're feeling inspired by Kathryn's story and would like to purchase her book, please click here.