Congratulations to the Townsend's and team for completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge to raise funds for Royal Papworth Hospital Charity!

Over the past few years the Townsend's and friends have taken part in three mountain climbs to raise money for the charity in memory of their Mum. 

A message from siblings Adam and Joy Townsend and Kyle Lowe (Joy's partner)

When Mum (Mary Townsend) passed away in 2015 we were all completely shocked. I didn't really know anything about aortic dissection until that time. When Mum fell ill she was sent to Royal Papworth Hospital and straight away I was struck by the attention they gave Mum, the care that they were clearly giving her and others. The surgeon that saw her at 7am to take her in to theatre next saw us at 2am, and then returned to work the next day at 7 to go again. I've never, to this day, seen such dedication.

Ultimately, there was nothing anybody could do for Mum but the work at Papworth stuck in the mind. We'd decided prior to Mum passing that we'd do something to raise money for the hospital, and since Mum passed we have decided to do something each year.

None of us particularly experienced walkers or climbers, we first decided to climb Snowdon, then Sca Fell Pike, then the National Three Peaks Challenge and most recently the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge. We've tried to push ourselves to the limit, and in some way show a similar determination in completing the challenges as the doctors did in trying to save Mum. We have so far raised over £6,000 since 2015. We all hope it's something Mum would be proud of, even if she'd think we were all a bit mad doing these challenges!

Will we be doing something again next year? We'll ask each other again next week once we've recovered and probably say yes!

What an amazing achievement! If you would like to donate to the cause please click here