Spread the love this Valentine's Day and keep hearts beating

Help give someone the greatest gift of a new heart this Valentine's Day and donate to Royal Papworth Hospital Charity's DCD Appeal. By donating to this appeal, you will be contributing to the cost of a life-saving heart transplant operation that will transform a patients life.

Instead of buying your loved one flowers or chocolate this Valentine's day, why not donate to this great cause in lieu of gifts. Click to download one of our Valentine's Day Celebration Gift Cards to give to your loved one.

A research team at Royal Papworth Hospital, supported by Royal Papworth Hospital Charity has developed a new technique that significantly increases the number of hearts available for transplantation.

The research shows that heart transplants from a new group of potential donors could save hundreds of lives internationally as the heart transplant waiting list continues to grow. This innovative technique had enabled surgeons at Royal Papworth Hospital to utilise donor hearts which were previously considered too damaged to transplant.

Mum of three, Lisa is one of the 53 patients to date who has received this pioneering new procedure.

Lisa's particular tissue type meant that the chance of her finding a suitable donor was 0.010%.

Lisa said: "DCD has been a miracle for me, I was running out of time fast, it’s as simple as that. I’d been told that without a transplant I was looking at two to three more years at the most. I was at the point where I didn’t know if I was going to wake up again in the morning."

This is one example of how you can really change someone's life by donating towards this incredible procedure carried out at the Hospital.

Help us save the lives of the next 50 patients by donating any amount, small or large to the DCD appeal.