Royal Papworth Hospital aims to go above and beyond when it comes to infection control standards and our Thoracic Outpatient Team are leading the way by introducing ultraviolet sterilization technology into their cleaning processes.

Infection prevention is paramount and although the hospital had a robust cleaning process previously, ultraviolet sterilization technology is the newest infection prevention movement. Royal Papworth Hospital Charity is proud to have supported the Thoracic Outpatients Team with their efforts to find innovative ways to improve Infection prevention procedures.

Josie Rudman, Chief Nurse/ Director of Infection Prevention and Control:

This is a true quality improvement project. The team identified a problem, tried a solution, and then applied for funding from the Charity to purchase the machine. It has improved effectiveness in clinics, improved safety and improved responsiveness in terms of being able to accommodate different patients throughout the day. It is fantastic.

 A trial study of the ultraviolet sterilization machines’ effectiveness was carried out by Dr Allen and his team in 2017. This was a unique opportunity to witness research delivering direct and immediate benefit for staff and patients. The hospital rooms were swabbed after patients had been seen and then cleaned with the machine which features eight bacteria-killing bulbs that can clean a room in 30 minutes. “The results were very impressive” said Dr Allen. “The UV light reduced the number of colonies to almost zero."

Angie Jackson, Thoracic Outpatients sister:

We are very grateful to the Charity for funding the UV light cleaning machine. They have made a huge difference in the Outpatient Department facilitating a faster turnaround of rooms.

This project has only been made possible thanks to the Charity’s amazing supporters. Thank you to everyone who has donated over the years – you enable Royal Papworth Hospital to provide the very best care for our patients. Thank you.