Between 9th June-8th July, Eric Scoones and a team of fellow anglo-americans walked 569 miles, north to south, across the UK to raise money for five charities one of which being Royal Papworth Hospital Charity.

In August 2013, Eric underwent a heart transplant at the hospital and therefore wanted to raise funds that will give more people the second chance at life that he has been given.

Eric explains:

My Bryson Line walk will be powered by an incredible gift that I received four years ago at Royal Papworth Hospital – a new heart. 

Royal Papworth Hospital is doing globally pioneering work to significantly increase the number of hearts available for transplants by using a category of donor hearts that couldn’t be used in the past. Unfortunately, the NHS has not been able to fund the additional expense of this new procedure, so the funds must be raised through charitable donations which Eric wants to contribute to. Eric was also hopeful that the walk will encourage more people to register as organ donors and, crucially, to discuss their donation wishes with their families.

If you would like to hear more about Eric's adventure, or support the cause, click here