Royal Papworth Charity are settling in well to the new Hospital and wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of our wonderful supporters who have enabled us to support so many projects with the move to the new site. We are delighted to share with you a number of the many initiatives that we have funded over the last year.

New staff uniform for all clinical staff
To reflect our ‘Royal’ status, and to coincide with our move to the new hospital, we have funded new uniforms for all clinical staff – together with a Charity pin badge.

Staff Bus Service from Waterbeach Accommodation

The move to the new hospital has raised the issue of transport to and from the staff accommodation at Waterbeach. As a result of this, the charity is funding the Free Bus Service which provides a door-to-door service and improved journey times compared to public transport.

Apprenticeship Programme
The Charity has committed to funding 20 Nursing Associate Apprenticeships.

Pond and Community Sanctuary Area
The pond at the old Hospital site was regarded by many as a key component of the feel of Papworth. It was therefore instrumental at the early design phase that a pond would be included at the new site (and a few ducks have already taken up residence). Funded by grants secured by the Charity, the pond is part of the Community Sanctuary which, together with outdoor seating, provides a restful and relaxing space for everyone.

Art and Wayfinding Project
The very nature of the hospital means that many of our staff as well as patients spend a considerable time within our clinical areas. The provision of beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring artwork for everyone to enjoy will alleviate the anxiety many will feel. The Charity along with a generous grant from the Peter Sowerby Foundation, funded a number of the pieces of artwork at the new hospital.

Royal Papworth Charity would like to thank our fantastic supporters as without this invaluable support, we would not be able to support such a wide range of projects for the benefit of our staff, patients and their families.