5 fabulous skydivers took to the sky last weekend to free-fall from over 12,000 feet to raise funds for Royal Papworth Charity.

The group have collectively raised an amazing amount of over £2,000 which is growing by the day! All 5 members of the team had a very special to connection to Royal Papworth and this is what inspired them to take part in the skydive, raise awareness of the Charity and raise vital funds.

Jim, a member of the team was a patient at Royal Papworth back in 2016 where he spent time in Critical Care waiting for a heart transplant. Fortunately, a suitable match was found and Jim recovered well from his transplant. During the wait for the transplant, Jim even got married at the hospital.

Ben, Sarah and Ashleigh all work at Royal Papworth and also took part in the skydive.

Ashleigh told us:

I loved my skydive and can honestly say falling head first towards the ground was a great feeling.  If given the opportunity, I would strongly recommend anyone to complete a skydive, especially if wanting to raise money for a charity.

Grant took part in the skydive closer to his home at an airfield in Devon. Grant wanted to raise funds for the Charity in memory of his loved one, Graham.

The Charity is so proud of our incredible skydivers who jumped (literally!) out of their comfort zones all to support Royal Papworth.

If you too would like to take on the daring challenge of a skydive, please do get in touch with the Charity Team today.