Mr Stephen Large and Mr Steven Tsui won the Pioneering Hero award in recognition of their work to establish a new type of heart transplantation, at Royal Papworth Hospital. 

Mr Large and Mr Tsui, spent many years researching the possibility of using donor hearts from a new group of donors – known as non-beating heart donors – to significantly increase the number of people able to benefit from a life-saving transplant. Previously surgeons were only able to transplant beating hearts from donors once they were certified brain dead.

In 2015, through funding from Royal Papworth Hospital Charity, the team successfully performed Europe's first heart transplant using a DCD (Donation after Circulatory Death) donor heart, and the procedure has since helped to increase heart transplantation at the hospital by more than a third. 

Mr Stephen Large, Consultant Surgeon at Royal Papworth Hospital, said:

"It is a huge honour to win this award in recognition of our work to establish DCD heart transplantation at Royal Papworth Hospital. After many years of research, I am incredibly proud of the results we have achieved so far. It is wonderful to see more than 40 people getting a second chance at life following a successful DCD transplant."  

The hospital can only continue to offer this pioneering surgery to its patients in the future by securing further charitable funds; to date, there is no national programme to support this heart transplantation technique. Click here to donate to our DCD transplantation appeal.

Watch the event on ITV1 at 8.30pm on Monday 21 May.