On 17th March, Rachel ran the Reading half marathon in an incredible time of 2:03:49 and raised an amazing amount of over £800!

Rachel's motivation to sign up for the Reading Half was to get herself out running again, raise awareness of organ donation and to raise money for Royal Papworth Charity. 

Rachel tells us:

Almost 6 years ago, my mother-in-law, Pat, had a double lung transplant at Royal Papworth, in an experimental and ground-breaking operation lasting over 15 hours. The skill and expertise of the transplant team gave her a second chance at life, and the care she received then (and since) was incredible.

Sadly, we said goodbye to Pat in March 2018, 5 years after her transplant. We are all so grateful for those 5 years, as it meant that she could meet three more of her grandchildren and be there for her family even longer, “creating memories” every day, as she would say. She also taught me so much about appreciating the positives in life (however small) and about what real strength of character in the face of difficulty is.

"Whether you donate or not, please will you also consider signing up to be an organ donor on your death? You can go here to sign up! If you do sign up, let your family know your wishes so that they can honour this on your behalf. Pat always said that “old age is a privilege denied to many”. Her organ donor gave her the opportunity to live a little longer into her old age and for her grandchildren to know their Nanny Pat. And that is an incredible thing!"

You can visit Rachel's fundraising page here.