I've been with Debbie since March 2013. Debby was always very fit, we met in the spin class, I was a spin instructor. Towards the end of 2013 she started to feel unwell after the class, then she started missing classes. This is when It all started.

She complained of heart problems, palpitations and irregular beats, I felt useless because I couldn't help her. The next 4 years consisted of visits to the doctors, cardiac consultants, respiratory consultants and A & E. She was referred to a respiratory consultant who arranged for her to have another CT scan. After the CT scan Debby was referred to Papworth Hospital and diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension and was told that it was operable. We were told that a Pulmonary Endarterectomy operation would be beneficial.  We then had a two hour talk from the Pulminary Hypertension nurse, from being admitted to being discharged this was a lot to take in and we left with our heads spinning.Again it was a relief to know what was wrong and it was operable.

Debby was taken down to theatre at 06:45 I walked down with her. When they started to take my Deb's through the doors to theatre doors I had to walk away because I broke down and she was crying, and I couldn't console her. I phoned Critical Care at 17.45 was told that she had arrived in critical care at 16:30, I was so relieved.

When we got home I was doing everything for her, I never thought of myself as a carer, but I did everything without question. It is amazing what you will do for the one you Love. Debby was getting frustrated not being able to do things, also I was stopping her from doing things. I know this made her more frustrated, and it made me upset although I couldn't show it and I knew I had to stop her. Debby had her 6 week review of which they were pleased with her progress. 

Now we wait for the 3 to 6 month check up.

All the staff at Papworth were so professional I can't thank them enough for giving me my Deb's back.
The only way I can think of thanking them is by raising money for their research to help people with Heart and Lung problems.
As a cyclist I will be taken part in the London Night Ride which is 63 miles and hopefully the Prudential Ride London which is 100 miles. I ask you to visit my JustGiving page and give generously:

Thanking Papworth Staff with all My Heart
Ian Lee-White