Here at Papworth Hospital Charity, we have become very au fait with the celebrations of Transplant anniversary’s, which have been re-named as "second birthdays" by many of our transplant recipients.

Five years ago, Harsa suddenly fell very ill and underwent a successful double-lung and heart transplant. Harsa and her family continue to very grateful to her donor and the Transplant Unit at Papworth.

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary, Harsa's family are taking part in a number of fundraising events to raise as much money as they can for Papworth Hospital. Most recently, Harsa's husband Mick and son, Nathan along with friends completed the Hastings Half Marathon despite the very poor weather conditions (the worst in the 33 years the marathon has been running!). A staggering £2,000 was raised for the hospital, a brilliant amount!

We continue to be very grateful for the support of Harsa, her family and friends. Good luck with the rest of the fundraising!