Organ Donation Week 2019

From 2nd to 8th September, Royal Papworth Hospital Charity will be participating in Organ Donation Week, where we are encouraging EVERYONE to have the conversation about organ donation with your family! #PassItOn

A recent survey of adults in England for NHS Blood and Transplant found that while 80% support organ donation, only 38% have opted in. This often leaves families with difficult decisions when loved ones die resulting in less than half of families give consent.

In spring 2020, the law around organ donation is changing! The Organ Donation Act will mean that adults in England will be considered potential donors unless they choose to opt out. The act is known as Max and Kiera’s law in honour of two young children; a boy who received a heart transplant and a girl who donated it. Therefore, to raise awareness of the change in law, Royal Papworth Charity are joining the campaign #PassItOn to encourage families to discuss their decision.

Royal Papworth Hospital Charity are proud to support the pioneering work that Royal Papworth Hospital strive for, to improve patients’ lives. Between 2018 and 2019, Royal Papworth performed 45 heart transplants and 43 lung transplants, the most cardiothoracic transplants of any of the six adult centres.

Our interest in developing and improving research has had a huge impact on the number of transplants and organ donors. For example the DCD Programme (donation after Circulatory Death), has helped increase heart transplants at the hospital by more than a third with Royal Papworth performing over 70 DCD transplants to date. In the first year of the procedure being carried out, the number of people receiving a heart transplant at Royal Papworth Hospital increased by 40%.

Most recently at the Transplant Games, recipients of organ donations celebrated, thanked and raised awareness for their organ donors and families. Georgina share how her organ donor impacted her life and encourages other do sign up:

“I can only thank my donor for the selfless act of donating her organs to me. It highlighted how important organ donation is and how it changes people’s lives. In my case it not only changed my life but also my children lives.”

Royal Papworth continues to develop and research new methods to improve our patients’ lives through the support and construction of the Heart and Lung Research Institute, which hopes to discover new treatments for heart and lung diseases globally, improving thousands of lives.

More than 6,000 people are currently waiting for an organ in the UK, with 3 people dying each day while waiting on the waiting list. It is hoped that the change of the Organ Donation law could save as many as 700 lives a year.

So please sign up and join the organ donor register here and share your decision with your family: