Just 1 in 3 of people have told their family whether or not they want to be an organ donor and sadly this means that hundreds of donation opportunities are lost because families are unaware of their loved ones choice.

Words save lives and this year’s Organ Donation Week campaign wants to highlight the importance of having the chat with your family about becoming an organ donor.

3 people a day die in the UK and this devastating figure alone shows the desperate need there is for more people to sign up to the organ donation register. Much of the life-saving work that is carried out at Royal Papworth Hospital is only possible due to the kind donors that have signed up to the register or spoken to their families about their decision.

The DCD Transplantation technique, that Royal Papworth Hospital Charity partly funds, is a prime example of pioneering treatment that relies fully on organ donation. This innovative technique has enabled surgeons at the hospital to utilise hearts which previously would have been considered too damaged to transplant. At current, 44 DCD transplants have taken place, giving all of these people a new chance at life.

Stories such as Susan’s wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of people choosing to save a life: 

Sign up to the Organ Donation Register today and you too could help give the gift of life to someone in need. 

To find out more about the DCD Transplant Programme or to donate to the appeal please click here