In early 2019, Royal Papworth Charity joined NHS London to Paris cycle ride to celebrate 70 years of the National Health Service.

Covering 300 miles, cycling through beautiful English villages and rural France, the four day journey would end under the Eiffel Tower.

This year, Team Papworth had 10 cyclists, including a consultant, a couple of patients and a member of our charity team.

Below, Nigel shares his 8 month training and fundraising, from amateur cyclist to completing the 300 mile cycle from London to Paris. With his cycle partner and Royal Papworth Charity bear, Sparkie, he also shares his daily highlights from the four day cycle journey.


Nigel says:

“We live most of our lives in our comfort zone. Every now and again we need to challenge ourselves in a way which is different. And in challenges such as this, when we are in a group of mixed abilities, we realise that there is always someone who meets the challenge with additional obstacles in their way. We should never be complacent in what we do for we will never advance personally.  Nor should we ever say to ourselves that we cannot achieve a particular goal as an excuse not to try, as this is to do disservice to others who have day-to-day obstacles.”

Such an incredible accomplishment from Nigel! We are all so proud of him and all of the cyclist who took on this challenging 8 month fundraising and physical journey! Congratulations!