36 year old Ben has Cystic Fibrosis and in April 2017, he underwent a double lung transplant at Royal Papworth Hospital. To thank the doctors for the care that he received at the hospital, Ben is taking on the challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon!

Ben is going to split any funds raised between Royal Papworth, Wolfson Cystic Fibrosis Unit and Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Unit who have all played a part in Ben's treatment. A nurse who was part of Ben's treatment at a previous Hospital is climbing to celebrate her 40th birthday and this is how Ben got involved in the challenge.  

Ben explains his motivation for taking part in the fundraising: "I'm at a point where I think I'm able to give back to those who have kept me alive and saved my life over the years. I'm extremely respectful and grateful to the NHS workers, from cleaners to Dr's, without any of these people, I'd not be here today." 

Although Ben has recovered well from the operation, he still suffers with some side effects which will make climbing Mount Snowdon an even bigger challenge: "As a side effect of the operation I've got 2 types of arthritis in my left foot and sensory neuropathy on  both my feet. It makes me feel like they are on fire to the point where I can't have sheets on them at times. If I'm on my feet for more than 3 hours I start to get pressure sores."

Ben tells us how happy is with his new lungs and what a difference the transplant has made to his life:

"to be able to breathe, to not cough, not need a pot to spit into.. is such a happy, exhilarating feeling even 22 months on. At times I still run up my stairs on all 4s, just because I can ha ha."  

In spite of all of Ben's side effects he still walks his dog, Ellie everyday who will be coming on the Mount Snowdon trip with him. "It's a relaxing, good feeling part of my day. I actually feel bad if I miss a day."

Ben's wife, Lisa has been diagnosed with Bipolar and Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ben explains how this is one of his main motivations for staying healthy so he can help her as much as he can.

Good Luck Ben!

Please visit Ben's JustGiving Page today.