Today the Charity Team will be hosting a cake sale in the main atrium in recognition of the 71st birthday of the NHS. 

This celebration follows on from the success of the NHS Big7Tea last year which brought all of the NHS together to celebrate and raise a cuppa in recognition of just how fantastic we all are!

As we celebrate the NHS birthday -  you can show your support by hosting your own NHS Big Tea party and raising a cuppa to the NHS! It's a chance for everyone who loves the NHS to come together with friends, family and colleagues, and toast our fantastic health service while raising money for our incredible NHS charities. You can find out lots more about the NHS Big Tea and download your free tea party
pack at

If you are looking for ways to support the NHS or Royal Papworth Charity why not consider hosting a Papworth Picnic and bring together everyone in celebration of the life saving work taking place at Royal Papworth Hospital. You can find out more at 

Alternatively give one of the Fundraidsng Team a call today on 01223 639 950 or email us at [email protected]