Bernard Gale, 86, had his dream realised when he was reunited with the Surgeon who performed heart surgery on him 20 years ago!

In the 1990's Bernard underwent surgery performed by Mr Stephen Large, Royal Papworth's still resident Consultant Surgeon. Mr Large described Bernard's surgery as being 'one to remember' as it included multiple bypasses. The surgery was memorable for Bernard to who mentioned it frequently over the years to his Granddaughter Gemma. 

With the help of Royal Papworth Hospital Charity, Gemma arranged a meeting with Mr Large and her Grandfather Bernard, something Bernard had been dreaming of, for all those years post-surgery. When Gemma told her Grandad he would be meeting with Mr Large she says he was left 'speechless.'

I think we can all agree this reunion really was just as memorable as Bernard's surgery all those years ago!