On 6th July, Oliver and friends completed a relay channel swim raising money for Royal Papworth Hospital Charity, Freedom from Torture and Alexa Trust.

In 1981, Oliver, his brother and four friends alongside Oliver's father as team coach swam the channel. They completed the relay swim of 44km in 9 hours and 38 minutes. Now, 37 years later, Oliver and a group of friends decided to take up the same challenge.

Oliver explains: 

I was 15 when I swam the channel in 1981 and will be 52 when we swim next year, so perhaps that 37 year gap is also some kind of record!

13 hours 39 minutes 38 seconds later, the team completed the relay channel swim. They have so far raised over £200 for Royal Papworth Hospital Charity.

Looking happy at 4:30am before the swim began. Oliver was the first in as he was the tallest.

From left to right: Darren, Hilary, Ele, Oliver, Sophie and Martin.

Both Ele and Martin had effectively learnt to swim in the last 2 years just for the relay!

Oliver feeling the effects of the sea.

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