Meet Pippa….

Pippa was born with CF, she enjoyed growing up with her siblings, going to school and living a relatively normal life. Pippa has studied, worked, enjoyed two gap years and lived independently in London. In 2016 Pippa began to realise she could no longer live with the lungs she was born with and in 2017 received a double lung transplant at Royal Papworth.

Pippa said:

‘With #cfawareness week upon us I wanted to highlight the amazing CF community I have been lucky enough to make through my account, @nowwhatcanieat (where I talk all about eating and life post -transplant), over the last couple of years, so thanks to @royalpapworthcharity for allowing me to do that!

‘2.5 years ago, before my transplant, if I am honest I wanted to avoid the CF community. I didn’t want to be put in a group and viewed as simply ‘someone with CF’ when the reality is while CF is a disease the people who suffer from it are 100% unique.

‘As I approached my transplant and recovered from it I started to look for some people who might understand the experiences I had been through and was going through. Thankfully as well as finding this in the online CF community I found some of the most inspiring people I could imagine. People who have a whole lot of variable health issues but also people who have so much more to offer than that... people with amazing careers, people exploring the world, people working to educate others, offer support to those who need it and simply not let CF get in the way (all the while doing treatments and fighting the disease) both here in the UK and across the world.

‘For me it’s made me want to push harder, achieve more and give something back and thankfully now I am in the position to be able to do that. Next year, on the 3rd anniversary of my transplant, in honour of my donor I am planning a charity cycle between Papworth Hospital and The Brompton - the two hospitals which saved my life. It’s a ride of around 100km; pretty amazing considering 3 years ago I was on oxygen 24 hours a day. Interested in finding out more or getting involved? Please follow me along the journey @nowwhatcanieat

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