Leading the world with a new transplant programme: DCD Transplantation

In response to the worldwide shortage of donor hearts for transplantation, a research team at Royal Papworth Hospital, supported by Royal Papworth Hospital Charity has developed a new technique that significantly increases the number of hearts available for transplantation.

The research shows that heart transplants from a new group of potential donors – known as DCD transplantation or ‘Non-Beating Heart Transplantation’ – could save hundreds of lives internationally as the heart transplant waiting list continues to grow. This innovative technique had enabled surgeons at Royal Papworth Hospital to utilise donor hearts which were previously considered too damaged to transplant.

Unfortunately every year, hundreds of patients still die through the lack of available organs for transplantation. This new procedure has enabled Royal Papworth Hospital to increase the number of people receiving a heart transplant at Royal Papworth Hospital by 40% in the first year alone. Each and every life saved through this ground-breaking procedure has been made possible through the generous donations of Royal Papworth Hospital supporters and we can only continue with further charitable support.

With your help, Royal Papworth Hospital can give the 'gift of life' to more people waiting for a donor heart

The hospital can only continue to offer this pioneering surgery to its patients in the future by securing further charitable funds; to date, there is no national programme to support this heart transplantation technique and its further development is therefore reliant on funding from charitable sources.

With the transplant list continuing to grow, your support is vital and will bring more hope to those on the waiting list.

Donations for this appeal will be paid into Royal Papworth Hospital Charity's DCD Transplantation Fund (P8548) where they will be used to fund equipment for DCD surgery, training and education for Royal Papworth Hospital staff and further research into DCD surgery at Royal Papworth Hospital.

DCD Transplants Performed To Date- 53