Royal Papworth Hospital has always had a pond at its heart. The current pond at Royal Papworth Hospital in Papworth Everard is a haven for wildlife and is a place of sanctuary for our patients, staff, patient relatives and residents of the village. Over the years the pond has developed an iconic reputation amongst our patients who knew they were well enough to be discharged when they could walk there and complete one circuit of it. In developing its new location on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, the hospital sought to ensure some part of its unique atmosphere could be replicated in its new home; interaction with patients and staff during initial consultations identified the pond as being a key feature of that atmosphere, hence its inclusion in the design for the new hospital and the desire to enhance it.

Royal Papworth Hospital in collaboration with NPH Healthcare Ltd and Skanska UK is creating a pond within the basic landscaping scheme on the west side of the new hospital. Extra investment is needed for additional plants and landscaping, pond filtration, outdoor artworks, seating, community information boards and lighting for the benefit of the hospital’s patients and staff as well as local residents and the community. Additional funding will enable the enhancement of the landscaping and amenities such as benches, lighting, signage, etc. and will create an inside to out link between the hospital and the pond for the hospital’s patient and staff as well as the community.

This project will be accomplished in partnership with Royal Papworth Hospital and NPH Healthcare Ltd, utilising Skanska UK as its build partner. Our ambition is to create a community space around our new pond, encouraging wildlife, showcasing artwork to tie in with our arts strategy and build a reflective space that our patients, patient’s families, community and staff can enjoy and use at their convenience.

The Hospital has a large number of patients with disabilities and we anticipate that this area will be a place of relaxation and a sanctuary for them as well as their family members, our staff, the community and the employees from other areas of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

In addition, the pond will be used as part of the site’s sustainable urban drainage system helping to balance water run-off from the site. Its water will ultimately connect into the city’s water system (Hobson’s Brook) and will help feed Cambridge’s Botanical Garden. In addition, the landscaping will help with our carbon leveling plan by offsetting the carbon created by staff car journeys. By creating this wildlife corridor and natural area it ensures the value of nature is recognised and it creates access to nature close to where people live and work.

We will be marking all donations to the Royal Papworth Hospital Patient and Community Sanctuary with a permanent plaque of thanks within the grounds.